LED Retrofit

September 16, 2019

Parklands North Creek is committed to making changes that will have a lasting, positive effect on our park. One of the ways this is being accomplished is the transition to all LED lights inside and outside of the buildings. Our park currently has two buildings with 100% LED lighting in all tenant spaces, restrooms and common areas. As well, all exterior lighting throughout the park’s campus has been upgraded to LED. Two additional buildings are well on their way to 100% LED with at least 50% LED to date. All upcoming lobby refreshes and restroom renovations will include LED lighting as part of the upgrades.

Why LED? LED lighting offer a wide range of benefits in comparison to Fluorescent, Incandescent and other light bulbs. Some of these benefits include longer lifespan, more energy efficiency, environmental safety and dimming capabilities. For a full list of the benefits of LED Lights, visit https://www.stouchlighting.com/blog/top-15-advantages-of-led-lighting. LED lighting is a great implementation in any business or home, even a few bulbs at a time can make a positive impact. We appreciate your consideration to make the switch!