September 16, 2019

As a tenant of Parklands North Creek, you are presented with the opportunity to compost office waste in addition to recycle and garbage. Composting offers a variety of environmental benefits including creating a more nutrient rich soil, reducing landfill waste, reducing greenhouse gases, aiding in saving water and can be much more cost effective. Many items we use and dispose of every day can be composted, especially in the work place. Some compostable items include fruits, vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, paper bags, paper towels, newspapers and plants/flowers (Seattle Public Utilities).

As described by, compost is “the sustainable, nutrient-rich soil product of decomposed food and organic waste. Composting turns food waste, food-soiled paper products, and compostable service ware into nutrients for new plants to grow” (–20840).

Compost can then be added to soil to greatly improve the growth and health of plants by adding nutrients, structure and helping retain water. This also can help plants last through harsher seasons. Composting is a simple act to greatly benefit our community. Join Parklands North Creek and get your office involved!

To learn more about composting and how to do so at home, visit