Best Bees at Parklands North Creek

September 16, 2019

Parklands North Creek in Bothell, Washington welcomed two bee colonies to the campus this June, which are professionally managed by The Best Bees Company based out of Boston, Massachusetts ( Parklands’ unique location near the North Creek levee provides a plentiful environment for bees to thrive. According to Best Bees, urban beekeeping bolsters the population and health of honey bees and directly impacts the productivity of neighborhood gardens as each beehive typically supports 50,000+ bees. To even better assist our bees with pollination and production, we added a variety of plants that bees are strongly attracted to all around their hives. Plants input around our hives include Catmint, White Swan coneflower, Autumn Joy Sedum and Pardon My Cerise Bee Palm.

The Parklands campus is one of the first commercial office properties Best Bees has seen in the Pacific Northwest to implement hives, creating an exciting opportunity for community education. The management team is currently working with local schools to arrange field trips, fundraisers and workshops on the importance of honey bee populations and their direct impact on food production, economy and environmental sustainability. The children of Bright Horizons and Kindering – two tenants at Parklands North Creek – recently hand painted two hives. They are an excellent showcase of the community at Parklands North Creek.

Want to learn more about what you can do to help the bees? Visit the link below to watch a Ted Talk by Best Bees cofounder, Noah!