Global Plasma Solution Air Ionizer

We are pleased to share we have recently installed industry leading air ionizers by Global Plasma Solution. This technology is integrated into buildings’ HVAC systems and has been cited as a powerful purification method to maintain healthy air quality and to mitigate harmful substances such as mold, bacteria and viruses. This addition is a part […]

Millionair Club Charity

Millionair Club Charity is a Seattle non-profit Temporary Staffing Agency that connects people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the Greater Seattle Area with dignified jobs and support services. The organization’s mission is to empower people with job opportunities and tools to be stable, self-sufficient, and help build a healthy community. In 2018 alone, 1,033 people […]


Glassybaby was founded in Seattle in 2001 with the intention to give. Lee Rhodes was battling cancer for the third time and encountered so many patients who could not afford basic necessities while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. This sparked the idea of glassybaby and the desire to give healing and hope to those in need. Since then, […]